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 Miss Dobbing and Miss Rowley


Welcome back for the summer term at St. Joseph’s! This term, our topic is based on the question, ‘How have the Mayans influenced us?’ To help us answer this, we will be looking closely at Ancient Maya, and delving into the history of this society. We will begin to understand who the Mayans were, how they lived and how some of their inventions still have an influence on our world today. To help us develop our Geography skills, we will compare our country, England, to their home, Mexico. In design and technology, we will look at the importance of chocolate, and design and create our own chocolate bars. In art, we will be creating our own mosaics, totem poles and Mayan calendars.


In English this term, we will be reading the novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo and basing our writing upon this story. This novel will help us to write our own diary entries, balanced arguments and narratives. We will also focus on developing our inference skills and use clues in the story to help us understand the characters. To develop our writing further, in preparation for Year 6, we will be re-drafting and editing our written work independently to make sure it is the best it can be. Now that Year 6 is just around the corner, we will also be focussing, each week, on our reading comprehension and our GPS knowledge.


In Maths, we will be focusing on place value in whole and decimal numbers, written calculation methods, problem solving, measurement and fractions/decimals/ percentages. We will also be ensuring that we know our times tables up to 12x12….They’re really important! To help us to do this, we will continue to have our weekly times table test, so keep practising! This term, we will be trying hard to master the skills we are learning each week, by taking part in mastery challenges and checkpoints.


In RE we will be looking at ‘Life in the Risen Lord’ and begin to understand the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how he is always present among. We will also reflect on prayer, why we pray and the importance of it for us and other around us.


At St. Joseph’s, we ensure your child does their best to achieve their full potential. This works best when both school and home work in partnership together successfully. If you wish to help your child with their learning at home, there are many things you can do:

  • Listening to them read regularly, at least 3 times a week, and discussing the book with them.
  • Help them with their calculation skills and test their times tables regularly.
  • Making sure that all homework is completed on time and spellings are practised and learnt.
  • Encourage your child to write for fun at home- it will widen their vocabulary range and increase their love for writing.


Homework will be given out every Friday and, unless specified, it should be returned the following Wednesday.


Spellings will be given out each week based on the spelling rule we have looked at in class that week, and will be tested every Wednesday.


Curriculum Documents

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