Hello, my name is Miss Clancy and I am the Year 6 Teacher at St Joseph's, as well as being the Key Stage 2 Leader.

Myself, and the children, are also supported by Mrs Curry.

I am now in my fifth year of teaching and am looking forward to the challenges, and opportunities,
which lie ahead of us this year.

As a team, myself, Mrs Curry and Year 6, will continue to work hard to achieve our full potential and become secondary ready, by July 2017.

If you have any concerns about the progress of your child, please feel free come in and have a chat with me.

Miss Clancy and Mrs Curry


Welcome back to the Summer Term, we certainly have a very busy one ahead of us! As you will know, we’re about to undertake our SATs tests; we have worked incredibly hard throughout the year, so I know we will have a very successful week.

After SATs, there will be no time to relax- we have many things planned, such as high school transition, end of year celebrations and our Year Six Production! Please keep an eye out for letters coming home with information regarding upcoming events. 

Just a few updates:


Homework will be given out regularly this year. Usually, homework will be sent out on a Friday and will be due back in, the following Wednesday. Towards SATs, homework will become more frequent. I will notify you of this closer to the time.



PE will take place on a Wednesday; however, as you know we are partial to some spontaneous PE, to reward extra hard work, so PE kits should be in school at all times.



Your child’s reading book will still continue to be changed when they’ve read it; please remember to sign your child’s journal after reading at home with them. It is expected that children will read to an adult for 5-10 minutes each night. The children will also have lots of opportunities to read, and enjoy books, throughout the week at school and reading is supported by daily Guided Reading sessions. Your child should read regularly at home, encourage them to explore all genres, this does not have to be your child’s school reading book.


This year our main topics are:

Autumn Term ~ World War Two

Spring Term ~ Wonders of The World

Summer Term ~ How have The Mayans influenced us?