s48 Religious Education Reports:

s48 Report St Josephs Moorthorpe January 2015


2015 s48 Inspection Judgements


    • How Effective the School is in Providing Catholic Education – 2 (This is a good Catholic Primary School)
    • Outcomes for Pupils – 2
    • The Provision for Catholic Education – 2
    • Leaders and Managers - 2


Highlights of our S48 Inspection Report

'RE is not a ‘bolt on’ at St. Joseph’s, it is ‘lived out’ in the classrooms and play areas of the school on a daily basis. Christ truly is ‘at the heart’ of all that the school seeks to achieve.'


'RE teaching is mainly good, with some outstanding.'


'The leadership of the Head teacher and RE Subject Leader has been instrumental in raising standards and introducing the good practice.'


'The Head teacher and RE Subject Leader lead by example. They ‘live out’ the gospel values in their day to day leadership and managements of the school. They have a very clear vision for the Catholic Life of the school.'


'There is a very strong family feeling of ‘belonging’ at the school. Staff and pupil morale is high.'


'Parents, grandparents and carers say how pleased they are that after such a prolonged period of staffing changes, the ‘feel good factor has returned to the school and things have been stabilised again’. They say that their children enjoy coming to school, feel safe, and have made good friends.'


'Leadership at all levels promotes a very strong Catholic ethos in St. Joseph’s School. Pupils are encouraged and challenged not only to recognise and celebrate their own unique God given gifts and talents, but also to respect and celebrate those of the other pupils and staff in the school.'


'Pupils are respectful and reflective in CW, especially during periods of silent mediation as was particularly evidenced in an outstanding Upper Key Stage 2 silent meditation lasting 6 minutes, focused on a reflection by Pope Benedict XV1 on: ‘The Son of the Living God’.'


'Prayer & Collective Worship are at the heart of day to day life
at St Joseph’s school.' 


'“I love going over to church for a class Mass – it’s like being in our own family”, said one of the pupils when talking with the inspector.'


'Acts of Collective Worship are given a very high profile within the school and are fundamental to the everyday life of St. Joseph’s School. A strong feature of Collective Worship in the school is the way in which staff very successfully create a calm, safe, peaceful, reflective atmosphere. From the ‘Candle Times’ of Foundation Key Stage, to the extended silent meditations of Upper Key Stage 2, pupils are drawn in to a sacred space at the very heart of the school’s mission. Through very appropriately selected scripture readings, pupils not only get to hear the word of God, but also to listen to it in their hearts.'