In line with the criteria of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, we use the Diocesan recommended series, The Way, The Truth and The Life’, as a supportive tool, when delivering the teaching and learning of RE.

This framework provides clear, concise statements of key learning objectives for all pupils, ensuring continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage to Year 6.


‘Catholics believe that Religious Education is not one subject among many, but the foundation of the entire educational process.  The beliefs and values it communicates should inspire and unify every aspect of school life’
(Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, 2000)


The Way, The Truth & The Life - Overview of Syllabus


The Way, The Truth & The Life - Progression & Continuity from Foundation

Stage to Year 6


The Way, The Truth & The Life - Links to Other Faiths

At St Joseph's, we follow the recommendations in ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ regarding the teaching of Other Faiths from a Catholic perspective. In Key Stage 1 children focus on learning and consolidating the Catholic faith, before learning about Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism in Key Stage 2. Children need to be secure and comfortable in their own faith before they can go forward to appreciate and evaluate other faiths.