Parents - Looking after yourself

As we all watching closely for developments around COVID-19, the uncertainty of the situation may be taking its toll on your mental health.

There's lots of simple things you can do that will help you stay mentally and physically active during the pandemic.


Here's some tips:

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Rumour and speculation

Firstly, rumour and speculation can fuel anxiety. Having access to reputable sources on the outbreak can make you feel more in control.

Don't take facts from different social media pages. Look at the following links to read updates on the virus:


Keeping busy and healthy in self-Isolation

Self-isolation can be boring and frustrating. At times like these, you may start to feel low, anxious or worried. It's a good idea to create a daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself. Try and view it as a new experience that has benefits.


Think about your diet

Eating regularly and keeping your blood sugar stable can help your mood and energy levels.


Keep your space clean and tidy

Not only is this good for the mind, but it's an important way to help stop germs spreading.


Get some fresh air

Keep your windows open to let lots of fresh air in. You can also go outdoors for a walk if you keep a 2 metre distance away from any contact.


Do something you enjoy

Read, watch TV, listen to a podcast, draw/paint, play games, cook/bake.


Stay active

Do an exercise video on YouTube, practise some yoga, or go for a walk.


Most importantly, at times of stress we work better with support. Keep in touch with your family and friends. If you're in self-isolation you can keep in touch via phone, email, text, social media and video call.

We hope everyone stays safe during this global pandemic.

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